What the client needed

Carpetright, the UK’s leading flooring and beds retailer, embarked on a project to relaunch their corporate website. Their aim was to make it easier for investors and media to find all the latest information about the company. However, they also wanted the new website to be accessible to blind and partially sighted people, so they invited us to advise on how to achieve this. 

What we delivered

We began a full audit of Carpetright’s new website to test it for usability and accessibility. This involved examining the content and design of all its pages along with user testing the website to gather feedback. Once this process was complete, we were able to make some concrete recommendations to Carpetright on what changes would be needed to make the website fully accessible.

The results

Carpetright took our recommendations on board and as a result, we acknowledged their work towards creating an accessible website.

Wilf Walsh, Carpetright’s CEO, commented on how the audit benefitted the company: “I’m delighted with the result of the RNIB audit. We know there’s more work to be done and we’ll keep looking for ways to improve the digital experience to make the site more inclusive for all our customers and investors.”

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