What the client needed

Ferry Meadows Country Park is a large, natural landscape park with lots of facilities including parks, a visitor centre, sailing facilities, cafes and much more. In 2015, an estimated 1.6 million people visited the park near Peterborough.

The park’s management have been working on making the facilities accessible to everyone and approached us to discuss the installation of a static accessible map for blind and partially sighted people to gain a spatial awareness of the park.

What we delivered

The park covers a large area and we quickly established that the RNIB Maps For All would be needed to provide information for the two main areas with cafes and toilet facilities, which are separated by a large meadow and trees.

The maps were also designed and manufactured in a style which was sympathetic to the surroundings and fit in with the feel of the park.

We also produced braille, tactile and large print handheld guides which can be loaned from the visitor centre and carried around the park. These give information about the facilities, the park code and detailed maps which would also show the layout of the buildings and public areas

The guides are also available on the park’s website for potential visitors to download in preparation for their visit to the park.

The results

With the addition of the new maps, visitors to Ferry Meadows Country Park (whatever their ability) can get an overview of the layout of the park and the facilities available.

This will allow them to plan their visit and enable them to make informed decisions on where they wish to go. The handheld guides offer further assistance to blind and partially sighted people to navigate around the park and its’ numerous facilities with ease.

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