What the client needed

Listerine and their advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson, approached us for support in the development of a new app. The Listerine Smile Detector app aimed to use smartphone technology to allow blind and partially sighted people to “feel” when someone is smiling.

Listerine and J. Walter Thompson were keen to develop an app which would be as accessible as possible, while staying true to their concept. J. Walter Thompson said, “RNIB Business felt like the right partner for us since their belief in making a real difference to blind and partially sighted people, is the same belief we had when we came up with this idea.”

What we delivered

This was the first time Listerine, J. Walter Thompson and RNIB Business had worked together, and the partnership brought a wide range of experiences to the developmental process. User group testing of the app plus guidance for language and tonality provided invaluable learning throughout the app’s development, including accessibility testing.

The results

The Listerine Smile Detector campaign generated high levels of customer engagement and press coverage. In addition, using RNIB’s Insight Radio station to share the message was a great way to raise awareness in the blind and partially sighted community.

Alice Lovell, Listerine’s Brand Manager for the UK & Ireland, commented: "RNIB Business have been very supportive in providing insight and guidance throughout, to ensure that we stay true to our vision of creating an app that enables people to feel a smile in a new way."

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