Whether it’s TVs or showers, we can check the accessibility of your product and help you improve it. 

Our accessibility assessment can help you to provide an accessible product in your chosen market by considering the overall usability for your blind and partially sighted customers.

It’s important to test all products. Just because something seems simple, it doesn’t mean it is! Our consultants carry out product assessments against our internal inclusive design guidelines. We can then follow this up with observed user testing.

We can help at all stages of a project including:

  • User research to help define priorities or user needs.
  • Product design workshops to help you understand the impact of sight loss and how it affects the use of your product.
  • Expert assessment at all stages of development to help identify barriers to use and solutions to resolve issues.
  • Observed user testing to observe how typical blind and partially sighted people will use your product and identify areas where usability can be improved.

Expert assessments

We can provide expert assessments of your existing products or those in development, and also provide advice for improvement. This includes an assessment against RNIB’s internal guidelines for inclusive design. Our guidelines are based on good design principles and our extensive experience of carrying out observed user testing over many years. The expert assessment makes sure that any obvious issues have been identified and addressed before user testing.

After the expert assessment has been carried out and changes made, we can carry out observed user testing.