RNIB Navigator – App of the Month, August 2014

3 August 2014


The RNIB Navigator app developed in conjunction with Sendero is a simple and accessible door to door GPS navigation app for the iPhone.

In addition to being able to plan a route from your current location to any one of thousands of points of interests and millions of addresses nationwide, the app lets you explore the world around you through its look around wand function and gives you verbose information on route about junctions, road crossings and other important geographical landmarks on your route. 

You can navigate on foot, by vehicle, even by bike and the app will provide you with step by step directions to ensure you a safe and speedy arrival.  Other features include:

  • Foursquare integration,
  • getting warmer mode which helps you if your location is off road,
  • a location screen showing direction facing,
  • GPS position accuracy and nearest points of interest,
  • a map view function in case additional sighted assistance is required. 

All in all, this app represents a big step forward for the independent blind traveller looking for a simple but effective solution to their travel needs.

What’s so great about RNIB Navigator?

Simple, elegant design, functional but not overly complicated to use, verbose and descriptive when on routes.

Where do I get it?

Download RNIB navigator from the iTunes app store

Price: subscription based, £6.99 for the first month, £47.99 for one year, £89.99 for three years.

Platform: iOS

User comments

Ibrahim from Peterborough says:

"I hope this is the first step on the ladder for an accessible all-in-one GPS solution, not the last.

"GPS has been available on the iPhone for some years now, however flipping between apps which provided separate components to the independent traveller's need for information was necessary until now. This is the first time that I feel I can use one app for all my GPS requirements when on the go.

"There are still improvements I'd like to see, for instance support for storing multiple addresses, block route navigation and multiple destination addresses, public transport information and the ability to pull up a list of nearby points of interest whilst travelling which you can set as your next destination or add to your itinerary.

"Smaller additions could include the ability to share your route with a friend or to accept locations from friends, access addresses stored in your contacts, plan routes between two locations you define, explore an area different to that in which you are currently located and a free/landmark mode, where you can define your own points of interest and navigate between them.

"Some of these features are available on other commercial GPS systems. Indeed, some of them are included on Sendero's list of more extensive and expensive products for note takers."

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