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Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Kawal Gucukoglu

As we mark our 150th anniversary today, Kawal will be celebrating her 50th birthday. Here, she reflects on RNIB being in her life since she was nine months old.

RNIB has always been in my life from the day that I was registered blind, when I was nine months old. I remember my first product from the organisation; a box of noughts and crosses, along with braille paper and a cane. None I could do without, as I had to get educated somehow. Once I grew up, left school and college, I had to navigate through the world of work. I knew I wanted to work for RNIB. Getting job interviews and into the organisation was a challenge, but I managed it. I have given over 21 years of service to RNIB, and every day I am making a difference. I transcribe braille books and other materials, helping to enrich the lives for future generations of children who read braille. I have also fundraised for the charity along the way. I found out that my birthday is the same day RNIB was founded. I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday as RNIB marks its 150th anniversary. I am privileged to be working for a charity which is renowned for its reputation of helping blind and partially sighted people. I would like to say thank you to RNIB for being in my life.

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