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Friday, 12 January 2018
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You may have seen English TV presenter Richard Osman’s recent Tweet about his amusing encounter. It went: “One of the upsides of being visually impaired is that today I saw a beautiful cat sitting on a low fence, and, when I crossed the road to stroke it, I discovered it was the handlebars of a bicycle.” Well we’ve brought together some of the best replies that you may relate to…

@Leese72: I saw a lovely dog yesterday that turned out to be a wheelbarrow.
@WhosKateStrange: I once had the neighbours peering under a massive thorny shrub. The “injured cat” turned out to be a carrier bag with black print. I got an eye check and glasses the next day.
@Mojomorris1: I'm partially sighted, and have said "Hello sunshine!" to an orange cushion thinking it was my ginger cat. I also spent about 30 seconds last week trying to pick up a shadow off the kitchen floor thinking it was a leaf.
@natmac1973: Queuing in Boots once, a woman was properly staring at me - freakily staring. Uncomfortable, after a minute or so, I walk over to ask what her problem is. Turns out she’s a cardboard cut-out. Still, it’s no excuse for staring...
@RTaylorAuthor: I was once on nodding terms with a speed sign!
@Pablito999: I thought my neighbour had installed a mechanical Santa for Christmas but he actually got a roofer in.
‏@peedielizzie: I saw an emperor penguin in the wash bay of the Council yard - it was in fact a bollard. Disappointed.
@NarwhalGallaghe: My wife once went up to greet someone she thought was very familiar in a nightclub and bounced off a mirror‏.
@Rosiedempsey: I once got into a taxi in Gran Canaria and called out “Ola” very enthusiastically before realising that it was in fact a police car.
@DakotaAter: One time while in Alaska I said "hi" to some people out front of a store. Turns out I said "hi" to two mannequins.
@Whitmore03David: I have apologised to a coat stand at work thinking I had walked into a colleague.
@depresseddancer: I have mild sight loss and once lustily eyed up a guy in a long black coat. Turned out to be a tree over a rubbish bin.
@WhitneyRSills: I once apologised to the other lady in the changing room of a spa, then spent about 10 minutes covering my modestly whilst getting changed, to discover I had seen myself in a mirror and was alone.
@JoineeHollis: I once thought I saw a rabbit hopping down a busy Birmingham road. It was in fact a Waitrose bag.
@LauraIsNora: I once thought I saw a deer by the side of the road but it turned out to be a bright yellow roadworks sign‏.
@limeandyoda: My partner once saw a crocodile in the River Ure in Ripon, North Yorkshire. It was a log‏.
@lil_fairy_doll: I love hiking. Once I slowly walked up to a very static mountain goat to find it was just an awesomely shaped rock.
@Kinseys_speaks: I always see massive fluffy cats. Or foxes as they're better known.
@charlottesteggz: I am constantly mistaking damp gloves in the road for injured animals.‏
@hayleycampbell: I crouched down to pat a cat that turned out to be a bin bag.
@MagsTheObscure: Have problems with my depth perception, once saw a sad spotty dog tied to a lamp post. Turned out to be a hole in a hedge.
@KQAnderson: Woke up this morning and asked my girlfriend if it was snowy outside or just a thick frost. “Neither. You’re looking at a white building. Put your glasses on.”
@ThelmaBett: I stuck my hand out for a bus, but it was an ice cream van.
@michtsiri: We thought one of our cats had been sat very still for a really long time on the wall in the garden, turns out it was a plant pot.
@frannyporter: I’ve apologised for bumping into a mannequin on two occasions.
@Liss_xxxx: Once I went to pet a dog and it was a small child.
@happyfluff: I made my boyfriend @toatesy turn the car round as I thought I'd seen a cat stuck up a tree. Turns out it was a carrier bag.
‏@Angie15607302: I said hello to a cat-shaped garden ornament once. It did not acknowledge my greeting.
@Heckle_11: I thought it was strange that a large dog was standing so close to a workman digging a hole. It was a wheelbarrow.
@sheila_graham: I visited many "exotic" locations, having stopped the wrong bus, before I started wearing my glasses full time.
@ThelmaAdshead: I saw a man on a neighbour’s house roof, he didn't  appear to move, on further investigation I found he wasn't  there, it was a branch on my apple tree not six feet from where I was stood.
@ethelblue: I've got macular degeneration. Looking from the window I saw a blackbird on the ground flapping about as if injured. Went to help, turned out someone had dropped a doggy poo bag. It was flapping in the wind!
@MikeMcK1980: I once saw someone collecting for the Red Cross in a T-Shirt whilst out running. On closer inspection it was a red dog poo bin on a lamppost.
@DuncanCollings: My wife looking out of a widow on holiday was so excited at seeing a manatee, it was a floating coconut.
@re_hammond: As a young paperboy I once bent down to stroke a kitten to joyfully discover... a hedgehog!
‏@denley101: I once spent 10 minutes swatting at a fly to then discover it was a speck on my glasses.
@andytude: My 95-year-old dad recently remarked that "none of the cows in that field have moved at all". The cows were hay bales wrapped in black polythene.‏
@andytude: My short-sighted mum once tried to post a letter into a woman in a red coat.
@AngieHoopert8: This reminds me of the time I saw my cat patiently waiting by the door to be let out. Having stood there for some time mumbling “Well are you going out or not?” I came to realise it was one of my daughter's Doc Martens boots!
@lib_whitehouse: I followed a woman in a red coat across a field, thinking she was a dog poo bin.
@mizzledrizzle: I spent best part of half an hour (at midnight on night duty break as a student nurse in freezing cold circa 1984) watching a stoat run and frolic across the green to find out it was Kit Kat wrapper. Best night duty ever.
@TinaFowler23: Whilst walking my dog I saw a really big rabbit! Turns out it was a muntjac deer #shouldagonetospecsavers
@BlueEyedVivi: My mom once tried to feed the sprinkler - she was really worried about the "cat" that wasn't eating.
‏@laurasgc: Once I thought I saw a manatee, but it turned out to be a rolled piece of carpet.
@livinwiththings: Had a bad vision day and thought a brown bush was a dark cow and was odd it was hanging round a pub car park! Hubby and kids thought it was hilarious and I was genuinely baffled #lowvisionfun
@cincsem: I was amazed but concerned to see a loose palomino pony prancing up the hill on my way back from uni. It was two blonde undergraduates. The fore-undergrad had hair flipped to her left and the hind-undergrad had a long swishing pony tail blowing sideways in the wind.
@iancooper33: I often talk to one of our black cats only to realise I have said "good morning" to my slippers!
@charhunter62: Well I once spent 20 mins trying to get a black bin bag to come in for the night.
@SquishMitten: I once tried to pet one of my cats in the back garden. It was a watering can. Also calling for the dog to stop running round and come in. Turned out it was a carrier bag in the wind, dog was behind me.
@Emily_Akrotiri: I've been talking to my cat before now and bent down to stroke her... discovering she was a dropped walking sock at the top of the stairs. Thought she was quiet! Lol.
‏@BanhamAlison: I’m registered blind. I once talked to a mannequin in M&S thinking I was talking to a sales assistant. I got a guide dog soon afterwards.
@GingerElanor: My granny once rang the farmer because she was worried about his lamb stuck in the fence. It was a carrier bag.
@JohnPEvans: I have more than once been excited to pet what turn out to be wheelie suitcases.‏
@Emma_Lou_84: I mistook a parking ticket meter for a person.
‏@WestDorsette: A tomato stalk masquerading as a spider has stopped me washing up for a whole day.
@ella_bella_blue: I once accosted a stranger in a field that I thought was a friend. She ran away from me.
@JohnRos08877616: That's a positive in life, when it gives you handlebars you make cats.
To read the rest of the replies or to join in the conversation, visit Richard's Twitter feed.

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