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  • Yes, I've tried carrots


    Andy Curtis knows that although losing your sight can be a very hard and lonely experience, there can also be some very funny moments along the way.

  • My Iceland Trek for RNIB


    In 2016, Richard took on the challenge of the Iceland Trek to raise funds for RNIB. In this account of his journey, he describes exhilerating landscapes, making new friends, and gives tips on how to prepare for the expedition.

  • British Blind Sport


    What is British Blind Sport?

  • Sensing Nature


    Take part in a new research project is examining how blind and partially sighted people interact with the natural world.

  • How to design and curate accessible exhibitions


    Professor Anne Chick talks through the aims of the exhibition ‘3D Printing: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful’ and the process involved in making the event accessible to blind and partially sighted people.

  • Why I like to blog


    In this blog about blogging, Connect member Sharon talks about why she likes sharing her thoughts and why you might like to start.

  • Artist claire lawrence

    Claire Lawrence: How I see


    Claire Lawrence is an artist who is also registered blind. Her vlog below gives us an insight into her eye condition and how she aims to lead a life without limitations.

  • close up of a red and white cane

    Questions blind people frequently get asked


    Deanne has written a blog about her personal experience of sight loss, using the VIP bloggers tag to answer the most frequently asked questions people who are blind or partially sighted often hear.

  •  Woman using smartphone camera to look at label on food product in a supermarket

    You can now contact the British Transport Police by text message


    If you're a blind or partially sighted person, you've probably been in a situation where you've noticed an issue on public transport, or on the streets, that you felt you should let the Police know about. Did you know you can now report things with a simple text to 61016?

  • image of a telephone in RNIB teal colour

    Seven ways the RNIB Info Line can answer your sight loss questions


    Have you ever wished you could hear the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sight loss, at your own pace and in a simple, audio-led format?

    Yes, screen readers have opened up a whole new digital world for blind and partially sighted people, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to access real, spoken information without having to wait in line for an advisor or spend a long time explaining what you’re looking for.

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