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  • Together, we're stronger: why I joined RNIB Connect


    Ross Wilcock, is a young media student and Youtuber who is registered blind. He is also a new Connector for the RNIB Connect community, helping to empower people with sight loss to stand up against disability discrimination. He talks about growing up with a disability, tells us why he became a Connector, and the benefits Connect offers to blind and partially sighted people of all ages.

  • The little-known language of our pavements


    The little-known language of our pavements

    Tom Scott is a YouTube video creator with over 700,000 followers, covering topics such as science, history and many of the weird and wonderful things in this world. As part of his series Things You Might Not Know, Tom investigates ‘the little-known patterns on British streets’; or tactile paving, as many blind or partially sighted people will already be aware.

  • VocalEyes charity publishes state of museum access report for 2016


    The charitable organisation VocalEyes have published their state of museum access report for last year. Concerningly, the findings were not positive. With 90% of museums not offering any accessible services or tours to those who have low vision, it’s clear there is work to be done in this area.

  • Pictured: Joanne Harris, novelist

    Novelist Joanne Harris shares her advice on getting into creative writing


    Novelist Joanne Harris is a judge on the RNIB writing competition panel this year, so if you’ve entered (or are thinking of entering) she may well be casting an eye over your work. We asked her your burning questions.

  • TfL to roll out 'Please Offer Me a Seat' badges


    Have you ever seen one of TfL’s ‘Please Offer Me a Seat’ badges? Or know what they are for?

  • two ladies in a coffee shop

    RNIB Connect - 2016 in review


    2016 has been an year of challenges mixed with successes. One positive is that it saw the birth of RNIB Connect - a community initiative that heralded a move to build a stronger, wider network of blind and partially sighted people and their friends, family and peers.

  • photo shows georgie performing her show

    Using comedy to tackle misconceptions of blindness


    Georgie Morrell is a comedian who debuted on the Edinburgh festival circuit this year to wide acclaim with her show about losing her sight, A Poke In The Eye. She writes about why she got involved with our #HowISee campaign.

  • smart meter

    RNIB have partnered to help bring smart meters to blind and partially sighted people


    In Connect magazine this month, we talked about how to choose a thermostat that helps you to stay in control of your energy when the weather starts getting cold.

  • Leisure and travel concessions

    My tips for travelling when blind or partially sighted


    Planning to travel or take a holiday when you're blind or partially sighted can seem daunting. In her vlog for RNIB, Kate Bosley talks about some of her best travel experiences and the biggest challenges she's faced.

  • Fighting fit: how I use my sight loss to train harder


    Claire Lawrence is regional campaigns officer for RNIB in the East Midlands. She's also an accomplished contemporary artist, fitness and MMA fighting enthusiast. She was registered partially sighted when she was 16 and then registered blind at 18.

    Through the work that she does and her individual passions and hobbies, Claire is constantly working to improve accessibility for blind and partially sighted people, and show that having sight loss doesn't mean that you can't achieve your goals.

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