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  • Photo of Maxine, the author

    “My vision for life”


    At 85 years old, Maxine Turkington believes life can be enjoyed at any age and under most circumstances. You just need to make it happen.

  • Photo of Robin at the Awards

    Hull volunteer awarded for increasing cycling opportunities for people with sight loss


    Robin Russell, a volunteer from the sight loss charity HERIB, has won a Volunteer of Year award after raising funds for new tandem bicycles and bringing more blind and sighted riders together.

  • Pick up the phone it's time to talk


    Connect member, Linda Chave, tells us about the time she decided to pick up the phone and join one of our Talk and Support courses.

  • Olivia Gallagher, T33 wheelchair racer

    Olivia's 2018 World Games Dream


    A young Connect member shares her story of being selected for the 2018 CPRISA World Games.

  • Image shows Houses of Parliament

    Silent and deadly? The electric car debate


    Connect community member and campaigner, Elise Crayton, shares her thoughts about the potential risk of electric and hybrid vehicles to people with sight loss.

  • Headshot of Simon wearing glasses

    Why my sight loss will never hold me back


    Simon Feeney did well in school, obtained a degree and enjoys a successful career – just don’t mention his nystagmus.

  • Image shows Fran fishing next to a lake with a coach by her side and holding a fish she has caught. Both are looking at the camera and smiling.

    Hooked: Blind woman continues to pursue her love for fishing


    Fran Atkinson thought she'd never be able to fish again when she lost her sight. But Fran (pictured) was lured back in when she discovered that it was still possible.

  • Image shows Ian Reynolds with a paint brush in his hand, working on one of his paintings on a sloped surface

    Brush up your skills with these tips for painting


    Ian Reynolds, a blind artist with a passion for painting, shares his tips for beginners so you can discover the benefits of using art as an outlet too.

  • Photo of someone's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

    Losing sight


    Community member and poet Dinah Milson shares one of her poems with Connect.

  • Jess Morton in Croatia

    Conquering my fears in Croatia


    Community Engagement Coordinator, Jess Morton, shares her holiday adventure in Croatia… Visiting other countries and experiencing their culture has always been at the top of my to-do list. Like many people out there, I have an extremely long bucket list of countries I am desperate to visit, and this is why I try to travel as often as possible.

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