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  • Image shows Paul smiling and surrounded by greenery

    From Royal Marine to writer, how one man never gave up


    Community member Paul Stretton-Stephens talks about how a serious injury and losing his sight helped him discover his passion for the arts.

  • New app is helping blind and partially sighted bus users in pilot


    A new mobile app that makes the real-time information at bus stops more accessible for people with sight loss is being trialled in councils across England.

  • Photo of a portrait of a man with a scarf across one of his eyes

    Blindness in the 18th century


    From Egyptian ophthalmia to cataract surgery, a research project about the history of people with disabilities in England has revealed the interesting past of blindness. The Volunteer Research and Archive group from Liverpool tells us more.

  • Photo of boy creating with a 3Doodler pen at school

    A whole new way for blind and partially sighted people to create


    The world’s first 3D printing pen is helping blind and partially sighted people of all ages to express themselves. Kelley Toy from 3Doodler, the manufacturer, tells us more.

  • Liz and sighted guide with an elephants skull near Victoria Falls

    A different way to see the world


    Liz Frankland, a blind traveller, was worried she would never be able to explore the world, until she discovered a tour operator for people with sight loss.

  • Image shows the view from a plane, including the planes wing and a sunset in the distance

    Flying blind - the gift of a lifetime


    We've all had the experience of flying in an aeroplane but what about piloting one yourself? Community member Urmila Sharma-Valand talks about what it was like to fly a plane with sight loss.

  • Image shows a close up shot of a woman's baby bump

    Blind mum answers rude questions about her pregnancy


    Holly Bonner, blogger for Blind Motherhood, an online resource for mums with sight loss and their families, answers some of the insensitive questions she was asked as a blind woman pregnant with her first child.

  • Paris

    La Belle France


    Community Connector Liz Frankland shares her experiences of travelling to France on a year long adventure with her fellow students.

  • Image shows Haseeb Ahmad cycling in his kit and protective gear alongside another individual

    Ten top tips for staying healthy and active with sight loss


    Haseeb Ahmad is a passionate runner and athlete who recently broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest blind person to complete the Ironman triathlon. Check out his tips for staying active and motivated.

  • Jack of all trades: celebrating the blind road-building legend


    2017 marks 300 years since the birth of Blind Jack from Knaresborough. Joe Shute from Welcome to Yorkshire tells the tale of the legendary musician, drinker, gambler, huntsman, smuggler and road builder, who overcame disability in the most amazing way.

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