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  • Working on laptop, close up of hands of business man

    Lynda's blogging tips


    Lynda, a Connector from Bedfordshire, shares her tips on blogging.

  • Image shows the view from a plane, including the planes wing and a sunset in the distance

    My Holiday Blog


    Ian Beverley shares his experience of travelling with his wife who also has sight loss.

  • Robert Meikle: How I see


    Robert is a student from Scotland who is registered partially sighted. He tells us in his vlog about the importance of raising awareness on sight loss.

  • Vanessa Potter © Ula Soltys

    The Story of My Second Sight


    Vanessa Porter shares her experience of losing her sight and the impact it has had upon her life.

  • Image shows a path going through a forest of tall trees with orange leaves

    My Documented Walk


    Michael Turner shares his experience of his walk through Mixed Deciduous Woodland, A Greened Iron Mining Landscape, Heather Moorland and a Victorian Landscaped Parkland.

  • Eleanor Burke with her guide dog Ava standing in front of the Charing Cross Theatre in London

    The Braille Legacy: a blind person’s review


    Community member Eleanor Burke, (pictured to the left with her guide dog Ava standing in front of the Charing Cross Theatre in London) talks about her experience of going to see The Braille Legacy.

  • Stand up comedy

    What do you call a comedian with sight loss?


    Tony Coffey started to lose his sight to retinitis pigmentosa when he was just eight years old. Today, aged 45, Tony gets his kicks from being a stand-up comedian. Here, he explains how he got into the funny business.

  • Stupas in Nepal

    Notes from Nepal


    RNIB Connect community member Liz Frankland recently went on the trip of a lifetime around the central Himalayan nation of Nepal.

  • Photo of Alan with his arm on David's shoulder

    Personal safety tips for blind and partially sighted people


    Many people, even those without a sensory condition, can feel vulnerable if they are out on their own. David Black, who is blind and a newly trained personal safety instructor from Scotland, is no different.

  • Photo of Rachel Finlay

    Not all blind people - one woman’s insight


    Rachel Finlay, from the Rick Hansen Foundation, a Canadian disability organisation, challenges common stereotypes about being blind.

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