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  • Stand up comedy

    What do you call a comedian with sight loss?


    Tony Coffey started to lose his sight to retinitis pigmentosa when he was just eight years old. Today, aged 45, Tony gets his kicks from being a stand-up comedian. Here, he explains how he got into the funny business.

  • Stupas in Nepal

    Notes from Nepal


    RNIB Connect community member Liz Frankland recently went on the trip of a lifetime around the central Himalayan nation of Nepal.

  • Photo of Alan with his arm on David's shoulder

    Personal safety tips for blind and partially sighted people


    Many people, even those without a sensory condition, can feel vulnerable if they are out on their own. David Black, who is blind and a newly trained personal safety instructor from Scotland, is no different.

  • Photo of Rachel Finlay

    Not all blind people - one woman’s insight


    Rachel Finlay, from the Rick Hansen Foundation, a Canadian disability organisation, challenges common stereotypes about being blind.

  • The Cane Explained: Your stories



    I love and hate my cane. It awards me freedom but takes away some of what I am about."


  • Top tips for a tip-top event


    Community member, Peter Bennetts, shares 12 tips for organising local events in your area.

  • Woman squinting at her laptop screen

    Web accessibility according to people with disabilities


    One tweet kick-started a conversation about what people with visual impairments and other disabilities struggle with when using the web. Hampus Sethfors from Axess Lab summarises their thoughts.

  • Image of friends in the kitchen

    New Housing Guide for People with Sight Loss


    The Housing guide for people with sight loss is designed to help young adults move house and live independently. It brings together information from across the web into one easy-to-access location.

  • Photo of Sarah with her Guide Dog

    Developing your Connect community


    Sarah Leadbetter, who is working to connect blind and partially sighted people locally, talks about what she gets up to in a couple weeks to inspire you to get involved your own community.

  • SCSPhoto

    My success with the Southampton Choral Society


    Connect Member, Dorothy Oliver shares her inspiring story of never giving up on joining a Choral Society despite previous knock backs.

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