Campaign Update: Know your rights

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Friday, 13 April 2018
Accessible Information Standard

We all know that blind and partially sighted people face all sorts of barriers on a day-to-day basis, that’s why RNIB campaigns for a more inclusive and accessible society. As we achieve change it’s essential that you know your rights and what you’re entitled to.

Accessible information

Together we campaigned for accessible health information to make sure that you and other blind and partially sighted people get important and sometimes sensitive health information in an appropriate format. Our hard work paid off in 2016 when we secured the NHS Accessible Information Standard in England.
This standard means that anyone providing a service on behalf of NHS England or in adult social care, such as GP practices and dentists, must provide information in a format that their patients can access.
From appointment letters to prescription dispensing labels, you are entitled to your information in the format you need. These rights and provisions are in place for you to exercise.
We’ve created a toolkit that gives you all the information about the law concerning the Accessible Information Standard. We also have template letters you can download and complete so you can inform your doctors of your needs and how to complain if things go wrong.

You can find information about how to get what you need when it comes to health information and what to do if you do not receive information in your preferred format by visiting our campaign page.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 edition of Connect Magazine.

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