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Tuesday, 9 January 2018
Picture shows view of Parliament from across Westminster Bridge

In autumn 2017, the Work and Pensions Select Committee undertook an inquiry into poor-quality assessments and decisions on claims for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP). RNIB teamed up with Thomas Pocklington Trust to submit evidence.

We are among many disability organisations that have noted a growing number of poor-quality ESA and PIP decisions, where claims have been wrongly refused or the wrong rate awarded.
When challenged, such decisions should be carefully looked at again (a process called mandatory reconsideration). But this has become a low-quality “rubber stamping” of the original decision and claimants increasingly have to go to an appeal tribunal for a correct ruling.

A remarkable 65 per cent of ESA and PIP appeals are successful (and RNIB wins almost all of ours) which shows that the assessment and decision-making processes are failing to get it right, in far too many cases.

The Work and Pensions Committee could make a difference on this issue and we won’t stop pushing until we see acceptable standards in place.
This is a Campaign Update from the January 2018 issue of Connect magazine, issue number 18.

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