Dame Judi Dench: “A Talking Book on a long journey is glorious”

Dame Judi Dench talks to RNIB Connect Radio about life with sight loss and her family connection with Talking Books. 

Jud Dench photo credit Caroline Bonarde Ucci at https://www.flickr.com/photos/caroline_bonarde/
Famed thespian and Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench has been gradually losing her sight from age-related macular degeneration
Speaking at the recent Boswell Book Festival In Scotland, she explains: “I can't read at all now, because of my eyesight. I get taught scripts by friends.” 
Dench is big fan of Talking Books, and not only because there is family connection (both her late husband Michael Williams and daughter Finty Williams have narrated Talking Books for RNIB).
“Irresistible,” is how Dench thinks of Talking Books. “What could be better, if you've a long journey to do and a story to be told? It's so glorious, a Talking Book.” 
Sight loss also affected her love for painting until a friend intervened and told Dench to just paint for herself. "So now every Tuesday I go and paint what I think I can see. It's not for a gallery, but for my own pleasure.”

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Photo credit: Caroline Bonarde Ucci