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Friday, 3 November 2017

Connect member Beryl Jarvis shares her love of Encaustic painting

I have been a hobbyist for a good many years, therefore I was devastated when macular degeneration took over my sight. Not only did I have to give up driving, but also my hobbies.

I was getting very frustrated, and didn’t know what I was going to do; I couldn’t twiddle my thumbs all day. When I was at my craft club one day, and feeling very out of things, a friend came up to me and said, I wonder if you could manage Encaustic painting. I had never heard of it, like a lot of people today. Apparently it goes back to the Roman times.

I was very surprised when the following week she brought in a bag containing a book of instructions, a small electric iron and some little squares of wax.  I couldn’t read the instructions but I could follow the pictures.  I put some wax on the hot iron and placed it on a piece of card; it was a disaster and created a lot of mess, so I tried again with a much better result.  I then put the Encaustic image on to a birthday card and someone bought it within minutes.

They say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks, but I started Encaustic Painting last year at 85 years of age and since then I have sold a number of cards and pictures. Encaustic art is a very rewarding hobby and is very quick to do and dries instantly.

You can find video instructions on Youtube on Michael Bossoms Encaustic Art.


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