Book review: The Gift of Rain by Tan Twan Eng

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Monday, 16 May 2016

May's book review comes courtesy of Carol Borowski from Lewes in East Sussex. 

“This story has a tremendous sense of location. Set in Malaya, what is now Malaysia, prior to the Second World War, it provides an insight that many people may not be familiar with – I certainly wasn’t.
It deals with questions that fascinate me; about the passage of time, the notion of multiple lives lived over centuries, and the legacies and burdens imposed upon people.
It also explores ideas of betrayal, friendship, obligation and matters of duty and honour.
I’d like to mention the narrator, Steve Hodson. He has an amazing ability to conjure up an atmosphere and is great at accents.
However, he does take the book at a very leisurely pace. It’s probably not for those who want action on every page – though there is plenty of action – but it’s not the typical ‘wham bam’ kind.
This book is quite strange in a lot of ways, and covers subjects that will certainly get you thinking. It has a real sense of mystery and stays in the memory. I would highly recommend it.”

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