Book review: Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Vidar Hjardeng, RNIB Trustee and Diversity Consultant for ITV News, reviews Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell.

This is the latest in the Saxon Chronicles series and it’s the first of Cornwell’s books I’ve read. I was slightly concerned I would feel a little ‘at sea’ as I’m not familiar with the characters. While I’d ideally have had a backdrop of the previous works, I’m pleased to say that proved in no way essential.
I would call these books ‘unofficial histories’ – this one is set in post‑King Alfred the Great times. His son Edward rules East Anglia and Wessex, while his daughter, Ethel Fred rules Mercia, which includes Chester.
Uhtred, the hero and big character of the novel is Ethel’s protector, having to fend off a lethal combination of Vikings and Irishmen. It’s tricky, unsettled times, and not only are they facing invasion from marauding Vikings, there’s also internal treachery to be sniffed out, too.
Matthew Bates is a really versatile narrator and actor. This comes across in his accents for the wealth of characters from around the globe.
It’s fast moving, action-packed and a great historical adventure story. I’m now encouraged to read the series; not just enjoyable stories, but also a period of history I know little about. I think this is a really good way of getting a feel for the post‑King Alfred era.
A fascinating read, and great for those dark evenings.

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Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell is available to borrow from the RNIB Library in braille and giant print, as a talking book on DAISY CD, USB stick or as a digital download. Visit RNIB Libary to find out more.
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