RNIB Connect - 2016 in review

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Thursday, 22 December 2016
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2016 has been an year of challenges mixed with successes. One positive is that it saw the birth of RNIB Connect - a community initiative that heralded a move to build a stronger, wider network of blind and partially sighted people and their friends, family and peers.

It brought together campaigners, Action for Blind People, and existing members of RNIB into a collective that was totally free to join. We reflect on some of the key moments of Connect in 2016, and hear from the community members who are at the heart of everything. 

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I have had too many highlights to mention. Knowing that I am shaping a future for blind and partly sighted people like me amazes me. I might not give money to RNIB but giving my time has made me a richer person. It helps me as much as I help RNIB connect.

Dianne, Connector


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Engaging young people with Connect 

We're pleased to tell you that ten young people from all four nations have come together to form a young people’s working group. They'll work as a team to come up with a set of recommendations for making RNIB Connect relevant, interesting and exciting for younger people. We'll hear more from the group and its members in 2017. 


As a visually impaired person myself, I feel passionate that everyone should feel part of a community. I’m particularly interested in bringing a younger audience into the Connect community as they are the future of RNIB. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone.

Natasha, Community Facillitator 

The Big Connection 

Over 100 people came together for the Big Connection, where we reflected on what Connect really represented, and how the community could achieve their goals of sharing, support, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. Members of the community lead workshops on subjects such as social media and campaigning, new relationships were made and old ones renewed. 

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RNIB have improved day to day life immensely, through their work over the years, but there is still work to be done to enable us to lead lives of equal inclusion within society. I applied for the Connector role in order to help and support visually impaired people to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, as I firmly believe sight loss can be made into an opportunity to realise what we are all truly capable of.

Liz, Connector

The Weekly Connect

2016 saw the launch of one of RNIB Connect Radio's most progressive ideas - the Weekly Connect. With a clear focus on stories from the community, there have been shows on subjects as diverse as using a white cane for the first time, Blind vs. Partially sighted, audio descriptions at entertainment venues, guide dogs in taxis... and much more! And with the introduction of Connect Radio to audioboom, tuning in is easier than ever before. 

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One of the real values of RNIB Connect will be the peer to peer support. Living with sight loss can have a profound impact on you emotionally and practically. Being able to connect with other blind and partially sighted people as part of a single community is a tremendous asset in living with sight loss.

Will, Customer Council

New look magazine and enewsletter 

With the new community open to all those affected by sight loss, and a commitment to feature more content for blind and partially sighted people, by partially sighted people, this meant we had to expand our publications. So, we increased the newly named Connect magazine frequency to once a month, and introduced a twice-monthly enewsletter, packed full of advice, tips, discussions and inspirational stories suggested and created by you.

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