Our 150th anniversary: Your Stories

Post date: 
Monday, 2 July 2018

RNIB turns 150 this year and to celebrate we want to hear your stories. Bill Foster and Hannah Powell tell us their stories of life-changing moments and experiences. 

Hannah sat on left with her ECLO Angela sat on her right
Hannah lost her sight on a holiday in Greece after drinking vodka laced with ethanol, causing sight loss and kidney failure. 

“I went to a party with my friends and spent the following day by the pool. After a long night’s sleep I woke up and asked my friend to put the lights on. When she said they were already on I thought she was joking as it was pitch black”, 20-year-old Hannah says. 

“Just like that my life changed completely. It was four weeks before I regained some vision and even then I could only see 10 per cent. I also had kidney failure and was constantly at the hospital.” 

For Hannah, it’s been a very challenging time, but she is now back on her feet again and can do almost everything she used to. 

“If it wasn’t for Angela, an RNIB Sight Loss Adviser, I don’t know where I’d be. She offered supported to me and my family, assisted with appointments and helped me get back to work. 

“I now want to work with people with sight loss and have done some volunteering with RNIB. Although I still have bad days I’ve found a new purpose in life, to help others like me.