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Tuesday, 9 January 2018
Image of friends walking

RNIB and the Royal College of Art are collaborating on a research project to help the general public understand the experiences of people with visual impairment.

The year-long initiative running from October 2017 to September 2018, is called “How We See: Representation and Communication around Visual Impairment”.
The project aims to work with both sighted and low vision communities to create publications, reports, posters and films that support public engagement and understanding with the topic of vision loss.
The work will be completed by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design who have previously partnered with Guide Dogs and Thomas Pocklington Trust on similar inclusive design projects around eye health and lighting.
Research Fellow, Dr Chris McGinley, is leading the project. He said: “We were really taken by the fact that 93 per cent of people registered as sight impaired do have usable sight. 
“RNIB already has the campaign ‘How I See’ and it seemed to capture the imagination, so we are building on that with this ‘How We See’ research project. 

“We want the general public to engage with what we create and in doing so understand better the spectrum of vision and what that means for us all.”

The artwork and research results produced from the project will be published in September. Physical exhibition details for the project will be confirmed later in the year. 

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