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Monday, 2 October 2017

Illustration of road worksJulie Bennett had a bad experience with some unexpected roadworks while walking with her guide dog, Polly. But through her proactive approach, she turned the situation into something positive

“One Sunday evening, I was walking with my guide dog, Polly. We went to avoid some ongoing roadworks at a nearby junction by walking through a gap in the cones I had used before. Unfortunately, the workman's equipment had been moved since the last time I had been there and the usual exit was no longer open.
“Polly and I were cocooned in cones and bollards. We couldn’t get out or go back onto the road because I didn’t know where we would be positioned. 
“To make matters worse, four young people laughed and threw stones as we walked up and down. One stone hit Polly and I was cross.

“Thankfully, a couple stopped to help, but even they struggled to get out of the roadworks – and they were sighted. There was no indication on the roadworks about where to cross.

“I called the council and they said they’d received complaints about the roadworks over several days.
“I asked if I could have the number of the construction company and luckily the engineer I spoke to was absolutely marvellous. He offered to show me a safe way through the roadworks. He also said he’d take a group of local visually impaired people around the site. As well as that, he gave me his mobile number so if I needed help again, I could ring him and he’d meet me off the bus and guide me himself.”
This article originally appeared in Connect magazine - Autumn 2017 edition.
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