Life Hacks: Tips, Tricks and Tech for blind or partially sighted people

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

As many people who are blind or partially sighted will know, there are many tricks and techniques that you can learn to use to perform basic tasks around the home and as you go about your day. Henshaws, a sight loss charity covering areas in the North of England, have produced some fun and informative videos that aim to support those living with sight loss to lead a more independent life.

The level of confidence that someone might have performing tasks like chopping veg, choosing clothes and shoes, and applying makeup varies widely from person to person. Generally, the longer you’ve had a sight condition the more naturally it comes, and the level of sight you have is also an important factor. Those who have recently lost their sight or have experienced a change in their vision might find the following advice especially useful to hear about, as others from the blind and partially sighted community have already tried and tested them!

There’s a wealth of short videos available on the Henshaws website, presented mainly by Henshaws’ own Mark Belcher. For a quick overview, here are our favourites:

  1. How do you chop vegetables safely when you have low vision?

This unexpected item that only costs around a pound will be your fruit and veg chopping saviour. This one is useful even if you’re sighted!

  1. How do you pour liquids safely with no vision?

You will require a small, inexpensive bit of equipment for this one, but it’s well worth it. It can also be used to check blown fuses.

  1. How do you choose your clothes when you’re blind?

Mark takes us into his ‘boudoir’ to show some organisational tips that will help get your wardrobe organised.

  1. How do you find items you’ve dropped when you’re blind?

Finding very small items on the floor is a nightmare at the best of times. So if you’ve got low vision or no vision, how on earth do you go about it? Mark’s wife’s sock drawer has the answer…  

  1. How to use accessible cash machines

Join Mark in Liverpool town centre as he demonstrates using an accessible cash point on the go. You will need a set of headphones to use it correctly. Unfortunately not all banks have accessibility features, but Santander, Barclays and Lloyds bank all do.

About Henshaws

Henshaws is one of the oldest charities in the UK, turning 180 this year. It provides a number of services to blind and partially sighted people based in the North of England. They run a specialist College in Harrogate and an Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough. They have Community Centres and Hubs across Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool, and they also have housing in Manchester and Yorkshire.