Kindle tablet and app review

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Paul Porter is head of the Tech for Life team at RNIB. The introduction of e-books completely transformed how he reads. He reviews his favourite, the Kindle e-books from Amazon.

The Kindle device or the Kindle app are both very useable, accessible, and will open the world of books to you.

Where to start with e-books?

If you’re already an Android or Apple iOS user, the Kindle app is free to download. You can create an Amazon account, buy and download books on the Kindle store, and listen to them using the built-in screen reader.
The great thing about Kindle is instant access to millions of books. It does take a bit of getting used to, especially the electronic voice. But once you do, the experience of reading a book is actually very good. There are also dedicated Kindle tablets that you can buy (a tablet is similar to a large phone).
Amazon makes inexpensive but accessible Kindle devices, with the cheapest starting at around £50.
The Kindle comes with Amazon’s own screen reader, so when you touch the screen, the information is read out. You use touch screen gestures to interact with the screen. Even if you’ve never used a touch screen, with practice, you’ll soon be using your device for reading, listening to radio, watching TV or using other apps.

Tips for buying

Before buying a Kindle, look in your local electronics store to see which one might suit you best. You may need help with setting it up and turning on the screen reader, but you’ll soon be downloading books and enjoying the world of reading.

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