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Friday, 13 May 2016

What type of technology should you bring on your summer holiday? We asked travel bugs across the RNIB Connect Community for their top tips.

Colin Palgrave, London

“I highly recommend the fantastic BlindSquare app on the iPhone. As you walk along, it announces street intersections, what’s on your left and right. You’re in a moving bubble of information.” 

Ibrahim Gucukoglu, London 

“Use your technology to help you get around. Things like Lonely Planet guides help you find activities and places to stay or eat, and make the most of satellite navigation.” When travelling abroad, always inform your travel company that you are disabled when booking.

Sandra Wilson, Kirkcaldy, Fife

“I’m an avid reader so I go armed with several devices. For audio, I use a Victor Stream – although I’m careful which headphones I use, in case I miss the tea trolley! I love the iPhone because I can use Kindle Books to read almost anything. My top tip before you travel is make sure your batteries are charged up well.”

Mohammed Atif, Luton

“Before you set off, load a smartphone or a tablet with apps to help you enjoy your flight. Music, films and games are all ideal to pass the time. When you arrive, navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon and Where Am I can tell you where you are, and help you find places of interest.”

Madleen Mann, Kent

“One of my top tips is to take your smart device with you. On some airlines you can log onto Wi-Fi during your flight. You can access lots of information: the altitude you’re flying at, distance to your destination and the plane’s speed. You might even find details of the duty free offerings.”

Ken Reid, North Berwick

“Three things I always take are my iPhone, Victor Reader Stream and REVO. REVO is a very small pocket keyboard that allows me to operate my iPhone without having to touch the screen – putting those two things together gives me a huge amount of flexibility and independence.”