The Big Connection 2018

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Thursday, 12 April 2018
Women talking over a cup of coffee

RNIB Connect’s annual community-led event, The Big Connection, is running this year from 31 May to 2 June 2018 across the UK.

The Big Connection is an annual programme of events that aim to bring people affected by sight loss together. Some of the activities you can attend in your region and others you can get involved in online.
The programme is run by local Connect teams and the events have been shaped by fellow community members. To give you a taste of what to expect, some of this year’s Big Connection activities include:
  • Practical workshops that explore how to capture and share your story for radio, blogs and vlogs.
  • Coffee mornings and sessions to talk about topics that are important to you, such as employment or what it’s like to live with sight loss.
  • Virtual Big Connections with activity in RNIB’s regional Facebook Groups during the week.
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Share your story

Each year, The Big Connection has a theme running throughout the event programme. This year it’s storytelling. We’ve been especially inspired by How I See, our shared experiences of the spectrum of sight which explores what having sight loss is really like.
At The Big Connection 2018, we want to we want to hear, capture and share your stories. We’ve currently got people who are speakers, singers, comics, musicians, artists on board.
At your local event you’ll have ways to share your own How I See story, as well as before and after through the Connect team, who you can call on 0303 1234 555 or email at [email protected].

So join the buzz at The Big Connection 2018 this Spring!

Best of Connect