Unique features of the Amazon Echo that can help people living with sight loss

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Image shows a grey Amazon Echo on a white nightstand. There is also a plant, lamp and watch on the nightstand.

Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet shines a light on the different ways you can use the Echo in his daily podcast, "Dot to Dot".

With over 250 five-minute episodes, Robin uncovers useful features of the gadget that you may not already be aware of. We’ve listed some of our favourite episodes below, from having news stories read to you or being soothed to sleep, to simply enhancing existing features including the calendar and alarm.

In-built features

Voice functions

  • Using your Echo as a voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker: Did you know that you can connect your smartphone to your Echo and use it as a Bluetooth speaker? This episode looks at how you can use voice commands to play media from another device. 
    Listen to this episode (search for number: DTD7)

Books and reading

  • The Guardian: Peruse your favourite stories from The Guardian and have them read to you. Discover how to easily find and listen to the latest news, film reviews, sport stories and podcasts that may be of interest. 
    Listen to this episode (search for number: DTD28)

Health and fitness

  • One-minute mindfulness: We could all do with slowing down from time to time - even if it's just for one minute. This episode looks at a feature that offers a number of relaxing minute-long meditations that might help. 
    Listen to this episode (search for number: DTD38)


  • Astronomy guide: If you’re interested in looking up at the night sky, this guide tells you what to look out for on any given night or simply whether the sky will be clear for a star-gazing session.
    Listen to this episode (search for number: DTD32)


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