Say hello to the world’s first braille tablet

30 January 2015

Braille has just got a lot smarter with a brand new tablet that lets you to read in the tactile text

A handheld tablet is opening up a world of reading for blind people by becoming the first of its kind to let you to read in braille.

The accessible design allows you to convert any text file (from USB sticks, memory cards and online content) into braille code, which then appears through raised buttons that move up and down on the interface.  

Unlike regular braille readers that show only one line of text at a time, you can upload and read large text files, like books, with a USB stick. The invention could allow blind and partially sighted people to read during travel and improve acces to study materials for students. 

Kristina Tsvetanova co-founder of BLITAB came up with the idea after helping a blind colleague to sign up to an online course. "We want to give blind and partially sighted people the opportunity to enjoy reading like sighted people." 

BLITAB is currently in the prototype stage and there isn’t a planned date for release yet. Watch this space for development news, or find out more on BLITAB.

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