Haggeye Jnrs

Who is Haggeye Jnr?

Haggeye Jnr is Haggeye’s younger sibling who wears a red baseball cap, white t-shirt and fetching red trainers.

What is Haggeye Jnrs?

Haggeye Jnrs is RNIB Scotland’s project for 5-12 year olds. Haggeye Jnrs will organise fun activities and events for children with sight loss aged 5 to 12, their siblings and parents to come together and share with other families. Members will receive a certificate, a goody bag, and invitations to events where they can meet other blind and partially sighted children, try out new things and have fun.

We’ll also be developing some website pages for the project and we hope all of this will encourage children to go on to become a member of our Haggeye youth forum when they are older.

Please download the registration forms to join Haggeye Jnr and to attend Haggeye Jnr events.

Haggeye Jnr and friends 

Haggeye Jnr and Friend's is a quarterly magazine / funzine for 5-12 year olds. View the magazine in an electronic format below.

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Contact Us 

Haggeye Jnr, RNIB Scotland, 12-14 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh EH7 5EA,

Rosie Pybus, Children, Young People and Families Support Officer (Scotland). Rosie can be contacted by calling 0131 652 3154 or emailing [email protected].