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Do you work with or support adults with sight loss? Find out how our award winning telephone social groups can offer valuable contact and peer support for adults of all ages across the UK.

Telebefriending – for social contact and peer support

RNIB offers a well established, safe and confidential peer support service for adults with sight loss of all ages and is the largest of its kind in the UK. Nearly 1,000 people per week take part in our award winning service and have opportunities to socialise and share experiences of daily living with sight loss. The service is free of charge (RNIB cover all the telephone costs) and the only equipment required is a landline telephone. People take part from the comfort of their own home.

We work closely with social services, GP’s, voluntary and eye health services to reach people with sight loss who could benefit from social contact and peer support.

Contact us to find out more by calling 0845 330 3723 or 020 7874 1303 or email [email protected]

Who takes part?

The service is suitable for adults with sight loss of all ages. Our youngest service users are generally 20 plus but we also have a growing number of older people aged over 90, many of whom live in residential care and are looking for a social outlet. We find for many people adjusting to sight loss, the opportunity to speak to others of a similar age and situation can be hugely beneficial. People often use the groups to share practical information and experiences about living with sight loss.

What are the benefits?

Independent research has shown that participating in a telephone social group can help people to feel more positive about their situation, less isolated, increases confidence and offer psychological benefits.

To find out more please read our independent research commissioned by the Big Lottery Fund:

Making a referral to Talk and Support

Adults with sight loss who want to join the service can contact Talk and Support direct, or with their permission, you can make a referral on their behalf. All we need is the name and contact number of the person who wishes to join the service.

Call 0845 330 3723 or 020 7874 1303 or email [email protected]

We will call and explain the service to the person referred and collect the information we need to find an appropriate telephone group that will suit their interests and availability.

Telephone Book Clubs – sharing a passion for reading

For adults who love to read or used to read before sight loss, our Telephone Book Club service offers a focused discussion around books and reading. This enables people to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about reading through peer support.

Contact us for Talk and Support promotional materials

For more information about the service or to request copies of our promotional materials, please contact us by calling 0845 330 3723 or 020 7874 1303 or email [email protected]