Skill development

This section contains information on resources that can help your clients develop their skills and move closer to the labour market.


RNIB have developed a UK-wide database of learning providers (for example, colleges, libraries, local societies, community-based organisations, etc.) that can offer training courses and skill development in IT and access technology for blind and partially sighted people.

All of the trainer providers have computers that are equipped with screen reading and screen magnification software and staff or volunteers that can confidently teach blind and partially sighted people. They can teach people how to use a computer using a keyboard (without a mouse), and all of their training materials can be produced in accessible formats such a large print or electronically.

More than 80 entries have now been included or updated on Sightline - RNIB's searchable, online directory of services for blind and partially sighted people. Simply type the phrase "access technology training" or "IT training" along with your postcode into Sightline to find your nearest provider.

Job search toolkit

The job serach toolkit is a flexible training package to be used with blind and partially sighted jobseekers. The toolkit aims to enable participants to develop a variety of skills to help them get into work. It can help blind and partially sighted people to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses whilst enhancing skills.

The toolkit can be used by individuals or in interactive workshops facilitated by disability organisations, job centres or local employers. The toolkit specifically addresses the needs of blind and partially sighted people. Issues such as confidence, body language and visual presentation are all covered in an appropriate and sensitive manner. In addition, it includes a valuable set of information resources relating to job search, employment rights and support for people with disabilities. The event facilitation manual contains comprehensive resources to enable an organisation to host an employment event for blind and partially sighted people.

Who can use the toolkit?

The material is suitable for:

  • specialist, disability employment advisors and recruitment agencies to run as a jobseeking programme with individual or small groups of blind and partially sighted clients
  • disability organisations to present as one or more specialist workshops for their blind and partially sighted clients
  • disability organisations to run one or more workshops for local employers and blind and partially sighted jobseekers
  • individual blind or partially sighted jobseekers to use as part of their job search programme.

Download our job search toolkit

Pre-employment programme

The Pre-employment programme is a manual for trainers to deliver a structured training programme for blind and partially sighted people requiring the development of skills to move closer to the labour market.

Find out more about the Pre-employment programme.