Work-based assessments for employment professionals

This page contains resources for employment professionals carrying out work-based assessments

About work-based assessments

This page contains the service delivery framework for carrying out work-based assessments. Here you can find guidance and standards for carrying out assessments and writing up reports, as well as a skill development plan. This page also contains report templates, and information on the referral procedures.

If you are an employer or employment professional looking for information about our work-based assessment service, please go to our work-based assessments section for professionals.

If you are a blind or partially sighted person looking for work, looking to retain your job, or after general employment advice we have lots of information in our work and employment section.

Guidance and Standards

Below you can find the two key sets of guidance, that have been developed with employment staff, to assist in the carrying out of work-based assessments, and writing reports, to a high standard.

Assessment guidelines

This document has been produced to assist professionals with carrying out work-based assessments. It brings together the best and latest practice around the most important elements of the assessment process. It can help structure an assessment, as well as providing suggestions and useful advice gleaned from professionals experienced in the field.

It includes three appendices:

  1. Suggested list of technology and software for demonstration.
  2. Suggested list of low tech items to take to assessments.
  3. Checklist to be used during the assessment itself.

Report writing guidelines

This document has been produced in consultation with employment staff, access technology staff and managers within RNIB and Action, in order to define some quality standards for writing and checking work-based assessment reports.

Skill development plan

This skill development plan is for professionals carrying out work-based assessments. It was designed in conjunction with employment and access technology staff who carry out this role.

Report templates

This section contains the various report templates for the UK-wide contracts we hold, and the relevant instructions for their use. You can also find the change logs which chart the history of modifications and improvements to the templates, as well as an example AXA report, and a template for training purposes. To open the .dot files correctly, choose 'open file' and then save, or alternatively choose 'save file' and change the filename to .dot before saving.


Example report



Generic report

Change logs

Training template

Referral procedures

This section contains the various referral procedures used for our contracts with occupational health providers such at AXA-ICAS (for Barclays or RBS employees) or national employers such as DWP-RAST (for DWP employees).

Action/RNIB service delivery teams

External providers

RNIB central admin

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