Professionals who work across eye health are key to helping people newly diagnosed or living with sight loss to come to terms with their condition and help improve their quality of life.

Information and resources for health professionals

This section offers information and resources that can help you improve your knowledge about the issues faced by people with sight loss. We also provide access to resources that can help you improve your services for those newly diagnosed or facing every day with an eye health condition.

  • Working in an eye clinic? Find out about the support we can offer eye clinic staff.
  • GPs can access accredited eye health modules designed to help them better support patients with eye health conditions.
  • Public health professionals can find out about the Public Health Outcomes Framework in England, the sight loss prevention indicator and access guidance developed with our partners in the UK Vision Strategy to support the inclusion of eye health in joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs). We also offer a guide introducing optometrists and ophthalmologists to RNIB's services.

To find out more about our Community Engagement Projects, including information about the equity profiles that underpinned local interventions, visit our Knowledge Hub.