UK training and consultancy services

Our UK training and consultancy services cover health, social care and education

These services are aimed at professionals, parents, carers and individuals throughout the United Kingdom.

Training packages on sight loss

Supporting someone who has a learning disability or other complex needs and sight loss requires specialist skills. Our award-winning training packages will help you to understand the impact of sight loss on daily life. They will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to meet the needs of the person you are supporting.

Tailored training opportunities

Our UK Practice and Development Team provide many tailored training opportunities.This training aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impact sight problems have on people’s daily life. In particular, the training focuses on those with a learning disability or those who have complex needs.

Types of training we offer

We can offer tailored training in the following areas:

  • visual awareness and learning disability
  • visual awareness and dementia
  • visual awareness and autism
  • visual awareness and stroke
  • visual awareness and older people
  • “vision champion” training
  • environmental awareness
  • mobility and guiding techniques

Visual awareness training

Visual awareness training provides an understanding of how the eye works, details of common eye conditions and behaviours related to people with learning disabilities and other complex needs, as listed above. “Vision Champion” training will provide the tools to support people through the eye care journey. Our environmental assessments are person centred and aim to increase a person’s ability and understanding of their surroundings.

It will provide you with recommendations on:

  • contrast and lighting
  • non-visual information, use of sound, aroma and tactile clues
  • structure and room layout
  • route planning
  • aids and adaptations

Mobility and guiding training

Mobility and guiding training will introduce you to the skills necessary to assist you in guiding people with sight problems.

Consultancy services

We can offer advice and support in the four core skill areas including:

  • vision assessment
  • independent living skills
  • mobility training
  • communication skills

We can also provide environmental assessments which look at the building layout, lighting and practical adaptations. These can be purchased through local authorities or you may be able to purchase via Self Directed Support  if you live in Scotland.

Contact Us

For more information on availability and costs, please contact the UK Practice and Development Team. Tel: 0141 772 5588 or email: [email protected]