Vision assessment

Our UK wide Practice and Development Team (PDT) want to ensure that the appropriate support is provided to people with either suspected or confirmed sight loss and complex needs.

To do that it is vital that we understand how sight loss may be impacting on the person's day to day life, this can be done through a vision assessment.

What is a vision assessment?

Our Bridge to Vision Service supports adults with a learning disability/stroke/autism/dementia to access eye care services. The level of assessment will be tailored to meet your needs and the results will give a clearer understanding of how sight loss may be impacting on your daily life and what support should be in place to ensure you reach your full potential.

How does it work?

There are two parts to the vision assessment:

  1. Functional Vision Assessment: The functional assessment is necessary to gain an understanding of how you are using your vision in daily life and to understand your abilities and vision testing skills.
  2. Clinical Vision Assessment: Information from the functional assessment supports the sight test to ensure it is tailored to meet your needs. Support is given to attend the sight test and the clinical findings will be recorded.

Vision Report

It is crucial that the information from the vision assessment process is then used to bring about positive practical change for you. After the assessment has been completed an easy to understand report is written, explaining any ophthalmic terminology and practical strategies for daily living, mobility, communication and aids and adaptations. With your agreement, this can be shared with those involved in your care and support.

Bridge to Vision Service

There are Bridge to Vision Services in Ayrshire and Fife.  We develop partnerships with local authorities, health, social care, education, optometry and others to ensure that people with a learning disability or other complex needs (such as autism/dementia or stroke) have access and support which will  help them through the eye care journey. 

How do I access the Bridge to Vision Service?

You or your carer/support staff can access the service via RNIB. Please note that there may be a cost associated with this service.

Who will support me?

A Community Vision Support Worker will support and facilitate every aspect of the eye examination to ensure visual information is understood and included in care planning.  An easy to read vision report will also be provided.

The PDT can train vision champions for external organisations to carry on best practice elsewhere.

Contact Us

For more information on availability and costs, please contact the UK Practice and Development Team. Tel: 0141 772 5588 or email: [email protected].