Buy a DAISY audio book from RNIB

Continuing to discover new books and re-reading old favourites when you're losing or have lost your sight is made easier with DAISY audio books for sale from RNIB.

You can choose from two ranges - the DAISY gift range and DAISY audio books: made to order. A full listing of all books to buy is available to order on DAISY audio CD from Monday 17th March 2013 (IP427DCD) and you can keep up to date with new titles by subscribing to our free New Product guide.

DAISY gift range

The books in our DAISY gift range make great gifts, as they come with cover artwork that looks great on a book shelf and braille labels. The range includes box sets of classics and books you'll read again and again. Prices vary.

DAISY audio books: made to order

The DAISY audio books from this range are only made if somebody orders one. This way you get a wider choice of DAISY audio books to choose from than ever before from RNIB. Each month up to 20 new titles are added so there'll always be something new to read.

How DAISY audio books: made to order works

Once you've ordered your DAISY book, we put the book onto a DAISY audio CD, pack it in a clear plastic DVD case and put it in the post. It's that simple.

It's affordable too. Your DAISY audio book will either fit on one or two CDs depending on its length. If it comes on one CD it costs £9.99, two CDs cost £14.99.

So whether you're looking for a crime thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, a cookbook full of tasty delights, or a brilliant work of fiction, there's something for everyone.

FAQs - DAISY audio books: made to order

What is a DAISY audio book?

A DAISY audio book is a talking book with extra functions that let you read a book how you want - for example by skipping chapters or dipping in and out of different sections.

DAISY audio books are great for blind and partially sighted people because they:

  • make reading books, magazines and newspapers possible
  • give blind and partially sighted people the same reading opportunities as sighted people.

Can I suggest a book to add to the DAISY audio books: made to order range?

Yes. We welcome suggestions for additions to the DAISY audio books: made to order range. We'll do our best to get the book you ask for added, although we need to check:

  • we have the legal right to sell the book
  • the title already exists in our talking book archives..

If we don't already have the DAISY audio book file, we'll put your suggestion forward as a new recording which will be reviewed by our Book Selection Group. Send your DAISY audio book: made to order suggestion to

Why don't DAISY books from DAISY audio books: made to order have printed covers?

To keep the price as low as possible all books from the DAISY audio book: made to order range are sent out in no frills packaging which is a clear plastic DVD case.

If you're after a DAISY book that has a printed cover, the audio books in our DAISY gift range come with cover artwork and a braille label.

Browse audio books in the DAISY gift range

How can I label my DAISY books from the made to order range?

There are plenty of useful labelling tools available from our shop to suit all budgets.

Which is the best DAISY player for listening to my DAISY audio books?

Different DAISY players suit different people. For reading when you're out and about, choose from lightweight, portable DAISY players and software for your mobile phone. If you'll be reading at home choose from desktop DAISY players you can position next to you while you get comfy in a cosy chair or in bed, or software that turns your computer into a DAISY player.

Read the choosing a DAISY player guide

Can I sample DAISY audio books without investing in a DAISY player?

Yes. If you're trying DAISY audio books for the first time you may want to test DAISY player technology to see if it's for you by downloading free software to your computer.

While the quality of free software may not be as good as a standalone DAISY player, you can get a good idea of how you can read a DAISY book by skipping pages, going back and forth and more.

Download free DAISY player software from the DAISY Consortium

Why are all the DAISY books the same price?

The price covers the cost of actually making the book into a DAISY audio CD. With the DAISY audio books: made to order range, we only put a copy of a book onto a CD if you order it - rather than have a physical stock of the books in the range. So the price covers the manpower, packaging and materials that it takes to make the book and send it to you.

I'd like help choosing a DAISY audio book. Who should I contact?

Our expert librarians will be able to talk you through the types of books we have to offer, work out what DAISY audio books you might like from books/authors you're already a fan of, and tell you what new DAISY books have been added to the DAISY audio books: made to order range.

Call Reader Services on 01733 375333.

Where is the DAISY book I ordered?

DAISY audio books: made to order will normally arrive within four to six working days. However, as we're reliant on the postal service, please allow 10 working days for your DAISY book to arrive before contacting us. If it's been longer than 10 working days, call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

My DAISY book is faulty. What should I do?

Call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 from Monday to Friday - 5.30pm.

We'll arrange for your order to be sent back to us, and then we'll send you out a new copy.

See what's available from DAISY audio books: made to order

Why DAISY audio books?

Three reasons our DAISY audio books are better than other audio books:

  1. Most books fit on one CD: there's around 25 hours of reading time on a single CD. This is usually more than enough space for most books. It means less swapping of CDs and less likelihood you'll lose half the book if CDs get separated.
  2. They remember your place: you'll never waste time trying to find the part you got to last time as our DAISY audio books remember your place for the next time you decide to read it.
  3. You can skip to the part you want to read: this makes reading reference books or short stories much easier. And as you can flick through the DAISY audio book to the bit you want to read, it's perfect as a teaching aid or for those that insist on reading the ending first!

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