People's experiences of RNIB Pears Centre

Read comments and feedback from parents and professionals about RNIB Pears Centre for Specialist Learning.

You can also watch our three short videos to hear about the impact of our specialist education and care.

What people say about us

We welcome feedback from children, parents, family members and professionals. Here we share some of the comments we have received from parents of children we support and from professionals who have visited our centre.

Feedback from parents

  • "The big difference here is that they are always positive. They've never once said she can't do something and she's done amazing things in the four years she has been here. Olivia has fun, she's happy and it's made a difference to the whole family's life. Now we can have more quality time with her and enjoy being with her."
  • "The expertise and care Tom has received at the school and home is exemplary. The support he received has helped him to develop at so many levels - in ways I would have never thought were possible. Staff constantly look at ways of supporting our son and strive to ensure he reaches his goals – he constantly surprises us."
  • "Staff at RNIB Pears Centre are extremely supportive in helping us, as parents, to feel better about the situation that we are in with Luke. The specialist care that Luke receives has made a difficult decision to leave him in residential care, a much easier one."
  • “RNIB Pears Centre has had an incredible impact: the teaching has brought new life into Nadia and she has developed independent living skills. She has made major strides which has had a positive impact on us and her siblings. We are very grateful to Pears Centre for all their efforts and support.”

Feedback from professionals

  • "I was so impressed with the standard of care and education that I saw offered to the children there - it was lovely to see so much creativity and fun that is obviously a big part of the children's day."
  • "I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for showing me around RNIB Pears Centre, both the school itself and the bungalows. I was very impressed with the preparation, thoughtfulness and person-centred support that is provided. I particularly liked your emphasis on training, coaching and mentoring to ensure that your staff team is equipped to provide the support and direction required."
  • "It really was inspiring to see the hard work and dedication RNIB Pears Centre gives to the young people."
  • "We all really enjoyed it and came away thinking that actually the service the young people get is already pretty impressive, so the new exciting facilities are just the icing on the cake."
  • "Thank you very much for your hospitality. It was so lovely to see the new school and residential buildings - what a wonderful place!"

Watch our videos

Find out what parents say about the impact of our specialist support on their child’s development and on their family’s life.

Contact us to order your free copy of our full “RNIB Pears Centre: live, learn and grow” DVD. This includes introductions to our centre and video tours of our school, a bungalow and our conference facilities.

Fabian’s story

Hear what Fabian’s mum, Jacqui, has to say about her son’s achievements in our short video:

Fabian's story

Anna’s story

Anna’s mum and dad, John and Jo, talk about how our education and therapies have helped their daughter develop in this short video:

Anna's story

Nicole’s story

Hear from Nicole’s mum, Sharon, about the effect of our tailored approach in this short video:

Nicole's story

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