Specialist accommodation at RNIB Pears Centre

Find out about our purpose-built care accommodation for children and young people with multiple disabilities and complex health needs at RNIB Pears Centre for Specialist Learning in Coventry.

Purpose-built living facilities for children and young people

Our children’s home accommodation is arranged in five modern, purpose-built bungalows in a residential-style pedestrianised street called Pears Court. Each of these bungalows caters for up to six children and each has its own dedicated team of staff.

In this way we aim to minimise the effects of living away from home in a larger community. We also aim to provide a comfortable and homely environment that meets the complex needs of the children and young people.

Each bungalow includes:

  • six bedrooms with three adjoining bathrooms
  • main lounge
  • second lounge
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • two gardens and outdoor play areas.

There are flexible visiting arrangements for families to visit RNIB Pears Centre and flexible arrangements for children and young people to visit home. On-site accommodation is also available for parents, carers and family members to stay when visiting their son or daughter.


Each child staying with us has their own bedroom which is made safe and personal to them, giving them their own space to relax and be themselves. Parents, carers and families are encouraged to help their son or daughter personalise their bedroom, by providing items that remind them of their family or that have a special meaning.

Examples include:

  • tactile photo albums
  • photos with captions
  • posters
  • an 'object of transference' - something to evoke associations with a person or event, such as a scarf fragranced with Mum's perfume, one of Dad's ties, a special toy or a piece of music.


Due to the complexity of individual and collective needs, a bathroom shared between two bedrooms provides specialist amenities for personal care and hygiene. Each bathroom includes a rise and fall bath, changing bed and hoisting equipment.

Main lounge

The main lounge offers a shared space where children and young people can spend time socialising with each other. They can listen to music, watch TV and DVDs, play video games, gather together and entertain family and guests. This interaction develops social skills that help children and young people to go out into the wider community and share life with others.

Second lounge

The second lounge is a smaller, more intimate space where children and young people can spend quality time with their family or visitors. It is also a room for them to "chill out" when being with the group is too much.

Dining room

The dining room environment is suitable for children and young people to eat their meals and socialise over the dinner table. This room can also be used for art and craft activities.


The design of the kitchen includes rise and fall worktops, which can be adjusted to a height suitable for people in wheelchairs. We support children and young people to make their own snacks and to learn how to cook or bake.

We've been awarded the top rating for food hygiene - 5 stars (very good).


Each bungalow includes a large secure garden accessible from the main lounge. This provides an outdoor space where children can play, be active, grow plants and vegetables, and learn about gardening. Enclosed patio areas beside the dining room provide opportunities for children and young people to eat outside in good weather and enjoy barbeques. They also provide withdrawal space should a young person need to regain their composure.

Watch our bungalow tour video

Take a tour around 5 Pears Court with Darren and one of our young people, Max:

RNIB Pears Centre bungalow tour







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