Learning disability services

Our UK Practice and Development team offers a range of consultancy services which include training, vision assessment and an information service.

The tailoring of these services ensures that organisations or commissioners are supported to develop person centred plans which include essential vision information.

Vision Assessment

Our UK Practice and Development Team delivers vision assessments to individuals with learning disability, dementia, stroke, autism or older people. The aim of this assessment is to provide a clearer understanding of how sight loss may be impacting on your daily life and what support should be in place to ensure you reach your full potential.

UK Training and Consultancy Service

Our UK training and consultancy service covers health, social care and education. These services are aimed at professionals, parents, carers and individuals throughout Scotland and the UK. This training aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impact sight problems have on an individual's daily life.  In particular, the training focuses on those with a learning disability or stroke, dementia, autism and older people.

Did you know?

  • People with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems than other people.
  • People with severe or profound learning disabilities are most likely to have sight problems.
  • Six in 10 people with learning disabilities need glasses and often need support to get used to them.
RNIB Visual Impairment and Learning Disability Services provide a range of supports and services for people with a learning disability and sight problems.
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