Blind make-up artist partners with Pantene

Post date: 
Monday, 28 February 2022

Lucy Edwards holding a Pantene product

Beauty blogger, Lucy Edwards, has accepted a contract to work as a brand ambassador for Pantene.

Lucy, who lost her sight at the age of 17, came to Pantene's attention through her social media presence. She is followed by over 1.7 million people on TikTok and has more than 136,000 followers on Instagram.

She uses social media to challenge misconceptions about what a blind person can and cannot do, including applying make up.

Lucy has been posting content on Instagram since 2015, but earlier this year she shared her first parody video to educate others about how blind people navigate their daily lives. Lucy racked up over 259,000 likes on the video and now regularly posts videos about her daily life.

I like to highlight the need to look and feel good no matter what your disability is.

Lucy Edwards

She will be working with Pantene to accelerate accessibility in the beauty industry as ambassador for the brand's Silky & Glowing product range. She recently spoke to RNIB Connect Radio to discuss how she uses her social media presence and work with Pantene to help people understand the reality of life with sight loss.

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