Read On book review podcast

Books with headphones over them against a blue background

For many blind and partially sighted people, braille and audiobooks are one of life's greatest joys.

For those literature lovers looking to broaden their horizons or gain some inspiration The Read On book review podcast is a great way to get engaged with literature. The podcast is a firm favourite within the community, Kim from the editorial group is an avid listener.

Are you partial to a bit of Dickens? Or is it a gory detective novel which you want to investigate? The Read on podcast is presented by Red Szell and is well worth a listen. The feature includes reviews with customers, talks with authors and narrators, and new book announcements. I really enjoy the podcasts. - Kim Jaye

Presented by visually impaired author and mountain climber Red Szell, the podcast comes out event Friday at 1pm on RNIB Connect Radio.

Download the Read On podcast

We also have a range of services to help you continue enjoying books if you are blind or partially sighted. The RNIB Library has the largest collection of books in the UK for people with sight loss, with digital, audio, braille and giant print books available for children and adults.