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Tuesday, 5 May 2020
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In 1950s suburbia, Sam (Quirijn de Lang) and Dinah (Wallis Giunta) appear to have the perfect life in their little white house but their growing detachment exposes a mutual feeling that they are trapped in a life that has turned into a lie, as the American Dream turns suffocatingly sour.

Like his most famous musicals, Trouble in Tahiti combines Leonard Bernstein’s genius for melodic invention and heartfelt emotion with the distinctively American sound of Hollywood and Broadway.

The film of Trouble in Tahiti will be available on Opera North’s Channel on YouTube from 7pm on Wednesday 6 May where it will remain until Monday, 1 June.

Opera North is a national opera company based in Leeds and is a leading UK arts organisation. Trouble in Tahiti was filmed live at Leeds Grand Theatre in October 2017 and directed by Ross MacGibbon. The production, which was directed for the stage by Matthew Eberhardt and conducted by Tobias Ringborg, formed part of Opera North’s award-winning series of short operas, The Little Greats.

For more information and viewing details, visit the Opera North website.