Take our eye test challenge

Can eating lots of carrots improve your vision and can you really lose your lenses in your eyes? Take our quick quiz to see if you can really separate the fact from the fiction.



1. Masturbation makes you go blind

Thankfully going blind is virtually impossible solely because of masturbating.

The only correlation between the two is that semen contains a large amount of zinc and a deficiency in zinc can cause a decline in your vision. 

Answer: False

2. You can sleep in your contact lenses

Unless you have been told by your optician that you can sleep in your contact lenses, don’t.

Your eyes need to breathe whilst wearing contact lenses, and this is more difficult when your eyes are closed. Also, when you are not blinking your contact lenses will not move on your eyes as much as when you are awake – this can mean that you are at more risk of infection if you sleep in contact lenses.

Answer: Some truth

3. Is it ok to use water or saliva to clean contact lenses?

No! Using water or saliva on your contact lenses can lead to eye infections.

If you wear reusable lenses, clean your lenses and storage case thoroughly with a recommended solution from your optometrist (optician) - no spitting on them or washing them with water. And always remember to wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses.

Answer: False

4. Contact lenses can get lost behind your eyes

The membrane that covers the white of your eye (the conjunctiva) also lines your eyelids, so it is impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eyes.

Answer:  False

5. Cosmetic contact lenses are safe to buy online

Coloured lenses may make your eyes look amazing but, it’s actually against the law for online retailers to sell cosmetic lenses without the direct supervision of an eye care expert.

Lenses that are not properly fitted may scratch the eye or cause an infection, so it’s important that any contact lenses you wear are fitted by a qualified professional who can give you advice on how to use them correctly.

Answer: False 

6. Eating carrots will improve your eyesight

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A, which is important for the eyes. But before you start an all-carrot diet to help you see the Pyramid Stage better, remember that it is more important for eye health to have a balanced diet that supports your all-round health. Good nutrition can help to keep your eyes as healthy as they can be.

Answer: Some truth

7. Wearing someone else’s glasses may damage your eyes

Although you may not be able to see very well with them and may get a headache or double vision, your eyes won’t come to any harm from wearing glasses that are not your prescription.

However, it is important that you don’t wear someone else’s prescription glasses when driving a car or motorbike!

Answer: False 


How did you score?

Full marks - Eye of the tiger!

4 – 6 - I can see clearly now

0 – 3 - I bet you look good on the dancefloor  

We hope you now know a little bit more about how to best care for your eyes. Learn more when you download our guide on how to love your eyes. 

Special thanks to the College of Optometrists.