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Tuesday, 14 January 2014
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At the end of November, Transport for London made a number of major announcements for their spending period from 2015.

The most important announcement for us was the plan to close all ticket offices with staff being deployed around the station. Some 'gateway' stations, such as Victoria and King's Cross St Pancras, will have staff with the specific role of being 'welcomers', similar to the service offered during the Olympics/Paralympics in 2012.

We have again been assured that no harm will be caused to the very important and much valued staff assistance scheme. We shall be keeping in close contact with Transport for London to ensure that blind and partially sighted people are not negatively affected by these changes.

We are continuing to look at the level of support given to blind and partially sighted people using London Underground, if a pattern of decline emerges, we will seek further meetings with Transport for London.

Get involved

If you are a user of London Underground travel assistance and have negative experiences of the service or are concerned by the future changes, please get in touch with Richard Holmes, Regional Campaigns Officer for London on 020 7391 2112 or email [email protected].


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