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Friday, 4 March 2016
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We've been working hard to keep the momentum going on our Talking ATM campaign. Here are a few updates.
Many of you may have seen the disappointing news that both HSBC and RBS/NatWest banks have been delayed in rolling out their talking ATMs. We can assure you that we're working with both banks to make sure that talking ATMs are introduced as soon as possible. For both banks it appears that they will introduce their accessible ATMs during 2017.
Barclays, Nationwide and PayPoint
In better talking ATM news, both Barclays and Nationwide now have 98% of their ATMs talking. PayPoint, who provide ATMs to convenience stores, has managed to make just over half of their 4000 ATMs talk. 
Cardtonics who have taken over providing ATMs at Co-operative Food Stores has also started to introduce talking ATMs (restoring the functionality lost when Co-Op bank ceased providing the ATMs).
Note Machine
Note Machine is the largest independent provider of talking ATMs in the UK. Their ATMs can be found at train stations, motorway service stations, shopping centres and in some shops. They have refused to meet with us and discuss our campaign. We will be pursuing Note Machine during 2016 as we do not believe it is acceptable for one provider to be so completely dismissive of a campaign which the banks and other providers have now embraced.
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