Andrew Coleman from the Online Today team, who is registered blind with glaucoma, introduces new users to technology with his helpful vlogs

An introduction to technology

From online shopping to checking your bank account, Andrew explains some of the ways a smartphone or tablet can help make your everyday life easier.

Also learn how the Online Today team can help you get online as well as set up your device with accessibility features.


Must-know accessibility features

Audio support

Discover the audio support options available on the iPad including the voice over functionality that will help you to navigate your way around a device.

Maginification features

Andrew tells us how to magnify the screen to a size that is comfortable for you, plus the different gestures to interact with the screen. 


Apps to download for beginners

Andrew demonstrates how to use two apps that are great for beginners and anyone affected by sight or hearing loss.

For example Tap Tap See allows you to take a picture of an object and reads out a visual description, perfect for everyday tasks.

The KNFB Reader reads aloud books, menus, magazines and more and it also displays text in a large font so you can use it wherever you go.



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