An introduction to using Apple products

Imran from the Online Today team, who is registered blind with glaucoma, shows how to use Apple products and how they can benefit anyone who has sight or hearing loss.

An introduction to the iPad and its accessibility features

Learn the basics from Imran on how to use an iPad, including how to turn the device on and off and basic gestures to interact with the screen.


iPad screen settings

Find out how to magnify the screen and personalise the setting to suit you for example, invert colours, magnify text, activate the screen reader and other general accessibility features.



iPad and iPhone audio features

Discover how to use the Siri functionality on the iPad and iPhone as well as the voice over setting. 


Helpful apps to download onto Apple devices

Imran demonstrates three apps that he uses daily. He uses these apps on Apple devices, although some are also available on Android too.

MagX allows you to magnify whatever is in front of you, great for when reading magazines, newspapers, cookbooks and more.

OverDrive is the app from Talking Books that allows you to download and listen to audio books on your device.

Bus Checker gives you live bus times around the UK as well as help planning a journey. 


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