A massive thank you to everyone who completed our 2019 Volunteer Survey and shared their feedback on what it's really like to volunteer for RNIB, we really appreciate it. You can also download a summary of the results.

Kerrie from our Volunteering and Resourcing team shares key findings.

How did your experience measure up to 2018?

Overall, you shared that you have a positive volunteering experience with RNIB, showing improvement from 2018. How exactly does 2019 compare?

  • 89% of volunteers would recommend volunteering with RNIB, showing a 4% increase.

  • 77% of volunteers agree that RNIB is a great place to volunteer, which is an increase of 6% from 2018.

  • 81% of volunteers feel like they are making a difference through volunteering, with a 2% increase.

  • 77% of volunteers feel supported in their role, which has increased by 11% from 2018.

What could we be doing better?

The survey results showed that we still need to work hard to ensure a positive experience for our volunteers. You shared that we need to improve your volunteering experience in a number of ways:

When considering your experience of recruitment, you stated that volunteering opportunities should be easier to find and advertised more widely. You want volunteering role descriptions to be clearer to volunteers know exactly what your role will involve.

Once in a role, 74% of volunteers recruited within two years or less said that you had an official induction to RNIB, your role and your volunteer manager. However, you also shared that your inductions did not provide useful role-related information as content shared was too general.

Communication is an important issue for volunteers. You shared that volunteer managers are crucially important to your volunteering experience. Over half of volunteers said you are regularly in touch with your volunteer manager. Interestingly some volunteers indicated that you don’t want or need communication to be regular, but you want to be able to communicate when you need to.

Thinking about communication more broadly, volunteers highlighted that communication and connection with other volunteers also has an impact on how you view volunteering with RNIB. You felt that there isn’t always a sense of community or cohesion. Many volunteers shared they are not aware of tools such as Workplace that enable you to communicate with other teams and volunteers.

Volunteers highlighted that receiving feedback on the impact of your contribution is a highly valued form of recognition. You also told us that verbal thanks from your volunteer manager is valued. One volunteer shared that “more feedback on how I am performing would be helpful”, echoing the general comments shared by volunteers.

How does your feedback make a difference?

We really value your responses and will actively use the survey results to shape our work over the next year. Here are some examples of how your feedback is influencing our work:

  • We work with the Volunteer Council on understanding the volunteer experience and coming up with solutions together

  • Creation a working group of volunteers to provide feedback on our volunteering offer and its promotion on our website

  • Involving volunteers in the review and update of our volunteer expenses guidance 

  • Establishing a volunteering communication advisory panel to improve your communication experience

Thank you…

Huge thanks goes to Minhal Khan, Volunteering and Resourcing intern, who has done an amazing job in supporting the team with analysing and reporting on the survey results. Thank you!