Vorail - App of the month, May 2016

5 May 2016


Voice-only messaging community to ask, answer, and meet new folks.

"People rely so much on vision that a lot of the world is lost to them." (Invisible Shores by Oliver Kennett)

The Vorail community includes folks who are married, engaged, dating, single, and divorced. Some are looking to make new friends only, while others are also interested in casual dating or a serious relationship. Listen to the ask-alls and answers to discover, post your own ask-alls and answers to be discovered.

No abuse

Zero tolerance towards abuse, the offender is muted.

Relax and enjoy

An old Chinese saying "Apart from birth and death, nothing is a big deal in life." Relax, really. There is nothing to lose. To use the service, no photo/profile/phone number is required. Let the true you emerge.

Don't give up

Some people may feel a little disoriented in the first couple of sessions, because, hey, it's like being in the dark room. Don't give up, you will get through it.

Voice over implementation:

  • rotor action on feeds to connect with voices and people in different ways.
  • four button touch to change focus to tab.
  • magic tap on feeds skips to next person in home feed.
  • magic tap on IM screen first time starts recording, second magic tap ends and saves.
  • magic tap on record screen first time starts recording, second magic tap ends and saves.
  • magic tap during play-all on feed skips to next answer from next person.
  • scrub to return to previous screen.

What’s so great about “Vorail”

Vorail is essentially a talking community, where people can ask and answer questions.  The app works by recording your question as an audio clip and sending it to the community for anyone to respond to. If someone responds to your question, you have the option of either adding that response to the question as a thread for others to listen to or replying directly to the person who answered your query.  There is also a private messaging function where you can like individuals on the service, and providing they like you in return you can send each other private messages which are stored for you to listen to at any time.  
The service is completely anonymous, you can ask any question you wish, providing it adheres to the guidelines of the service and the potential is there to make new friends, meet people with similar interests and share commonplace experiences.  It’s also a great sounding board with lots of lively discussions on just about any topic imaginable.  The service is completely free to use and has a zero-tolerance abuse policy, however you can “mute” people from answering your questions or messaging you, if you feel that you just don’t get along.

Where do I get it?

Download directly from the Vorail website
Price: Free
Platform: iOS

User comments

This app is fantastic for meeting new people and asking lots of questions, even those you daren’t ask your nearest and dearest.  I have asked such diverse questions as how to tie a tie, the best way to polish shoes and what people make of fairy tales as adults.  All this is a roundabout way of saying that if you have a burning question you just can’t wait to ask, or whether trivial or complex, there’s a good chance you’ll receive an interesting and dynamic set of responses, even start a lively discussion.  A great little app which is fully accessible with voiceover, taking full advantage of the actions rotor on the iPhone.

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